Science Says: TOR’s Reduce Drug Use

Science Says: TOR’s Reduce Drug Use

Science Says: TOR’s Reduce Drug Use

Chiropractic has been saying “No” to drugs since 1895 and today, even though it’s clear more drugs haven’t created more health, there is still a cadre of chiropractors who want prescription rights.

Thanks to researchers like Drs. William Meeker and Christine Goertz, the evidence is coming in: The only thing standing between Big Pharma and more opioid addicts may be ChiropracTIC. And ChiropraTORS can stand even stronger in their conviction that keeping their profession drug free is imperative to maintaining the objective and ethical high ground in hope of creating the paradigm shift needed in health care, from sickness and intervention to health and facilitation.

Read the full article from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies (JMPT) by clicking here.



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