League of Chiropractic Women

Shattering Glass Ceilings
With Love and Sisterhood


Chiropractic was ahead of its time in many ways, even at the time of its discovery and founding in 1895, particularly in how open the profession was to women. However, one look around at the political and educational meetings in which the profession engages bears undeniable evidence that openness to gender equity has not been perpetuated within the profession. As a result, many of the issues and opportunities of concern to women have often been overlooked.

It took women to understand and connect the importance of meeting the needs of women – and families – to reveal the full potential for chiropractic within the wellness arena. It has taken women to understand that their voices – as practitioners, spouses, and patients – will be more powerful when joined together.  It will take women, speaking together, to create the understanding that, only with the addition of women expressing their full potential, will the full potential of chiropractic be known.

The women who founded the League of Chiropractic Women understand both the challenges and the benefits of strengthening the contributions of women in chiropractic. This organization is meant to offer equity in experience and opportunity within a profession that grew and thrived as a result of the contributions made by women coming into their own in a new century. Today, however, few women occupy leadership positions within the profession and the LCW is filling the vacuum. TCL is pleased to honor  an array of the League’s founders as Revolutionaries and Leaders within the profession they love.


Stepping in Where Needed
And Stepping Up the Game

Cynthia Boyd, D.C.

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Cynthia Boyd for exemplifying the kind of courageous leadership that is always ready for the next challenge. In particular, we would like to recognize Dr. Boyd for her role in the founding of the premiere chiropractic women’s organization, the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW). This organization is meant to offer equity in experience and opportunity within a profession that grew and thrived as a result of the contributions made by women coming into their own in a new century.


Today, however, few women occupy leadership positions within the profession and the LCW is filling the vacuum. Dr. Boyd is also well known for her commitment to serving the needs of Life University over the course of her career in professional education, successfully filling critical leadership voids in positions as diverse as chief of staff of clinics, director of alumni and development  and executive office chief of staff.


Dr. Boyd currently serves as Life University’s Vice-President for Marketing and Enrollment.  Without Dr. Boyd’s brand of leadership – stalwart, fair, forward-thinking and optimistic – Life University would not be where it is today.  Nor would it be as rich in spirit.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Boyd: There are three contributions I’d be pleased to be remembered for:

  1. The founding of an organization (lcwomen.com) that truly nourishes women in chiropractic by providing courses, seminars, workshops, mentorship and sisterhood (physically and virtually).
  2. Being part of a team that believed in and worked towards a course of action to rebuild Life University.
  3. Daily efforts to assist prospective students in achieving their dreams to serve humanity via their Lasting Purpose and Vitalistic philosophy.


TCL: What projects or activities are you working on that are exciting to you and that you’d like to share with others?


Boyd: I’m honored to have been asked to serve on the Board for the Cobb County Boys & Girls Clubs as well as on the Executive Board for the Georgia Association of Women in Higher Education (GAWHE). Both of these organizations allow me to express Lasting Purpose within my community as a contributing citizen and within the larger educational community, working toward equity for women in opportunity and contributions.





Leading Through Office Management
Great Results, No Fear, No Drama

Edie Hofmann

TCL wishes to honor Mrs. Hofmann for her commitment to making the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) a reality. Few women have been able to combine motherhood and professional pursuits as impressively as Mrs. Hofmann, who raised seven children while running the chiropractic office she and her husband built. Fewer women still have had more of an impact on the profession than Mrs. Hofmann, who so successfully ran office operations for the Life University clinics, she was able to parlay her extensive knowledge into an office management consultancy.



TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Hofmann: I’d most like to be remembered as a founder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), and as founder and president of the International Center for Chiropractic Office Management (www.ICCOM.org), through which I have become one of the foremost HIPAA experts in health care today.


TCL: What projects are you working that you find exciting and would most like to share with others?


Hofmann: Serving as the Chair of the LCW Governance Committee has been a wonderful honor and allows me to encourage and mentor other women who’ve dedicated their lives to the advancement of chiropractic. My enthusiasm for chiropractic has also continued in my founding of “The Chiropractic Office Management,” a FREE online question and answer center for chiropractic office management.  I also incorporated International Center for Chiropractic Office Management, LLC, which is the fulfillment of my dream to establish an organization to raise the level of professional office managers and staff thru consistent education, motivation and passion for chiropractic. My goal has always been to continue to develop healthcare compliance and management systems for the chiropractic office that are easy to understand, simple to implement, completely effective so the doctor can take care of patients and not worry about it.  No drama or instilling fear, as others would make you think.




Leading the Chiropractic Family
Looking to Retire in Practice

Kathi Handt

TCL is pleased to recognize and acknowledge Mrs. Handt for her contributions as a founding member of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), as well as the exemplary way in which she has co-created the perfect chiropractic environment in which to grow both a practice and a family. Like many chiropractic spouses, her contributions are integral to those of her husband and, in many cases, their success in business and other ventures has been the driving force. Mrs. Handt is co-author of “Retire in Practice” and an equal partner in the life changing motivational seminar, Inner Winners.




TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Handt: I’d be proud to be remembered for being a founding member, founding board member, and board secretary for the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) is so special to me. To have been one of only two non-DCs to be asked to participate in the formation of this incredible women’s organization is something that is so humbling and I am so proud to be part of. I have spoken on platforms before, but since LCW’s inception, I’ve spoken internationally to organizations on raising a chiropractic family, being a strong chiropractic anchor, Lasting Purpose, the importance of the chiropractic spouse, retiring in practice, the importance of speaking your mind, and empowering women to take leadership roles! There is no doubt that the women who founded LCW are movers and shakers in our profession. We all hold the LCW mission dear to our hearts and it is an honor to call them my “sisters,” including my daughter, Morgan, who is also a founding member!

I’ve co-authored a book (Retire In Practice) with my husband, Jay. I am also honored and proud of having been involved in the formation of LIFEforce, LIFE Leadership Weekend and LIFE Vision. Personally, one of my biggest achievements was bringing up our family in a chiropractic world and knowing that our children will do the same for their families.


TCL: What projects are you working on that you are most excited about and would most like to share with others?


Handt: There are a couple. Of course, LIFEforce and the LIFE Leadership Weekend are on the list. Each time I facilitate a group of prospective LIFE students, I am inspired. LIFE attracts the most incredible people to its campus! And wherever I travel, I talk about LIFE, and becoming a member of LIFEforce 1000. Also, Inner Winners is a major passion, working with my husband, Jay, along with Chuck and Ruth Ribley in the U.S., and also with Mark Hudson and Lynn McAvenia in Australia and Spain. We all love giving everything we’ve got so that people can re-connect to their higher selves, allowing them to experience innate on a higher level, and to break through their past experiences and their limiting beliefs so that they can live in the now and create an extraordinary future. Of course, this is all wrapped up in a Chiropractic package!


For TCL readers who would like to learn more about Kathi Handt and the works she’s doing, a website is in the works and, in the meantime, you may visit Inner Winners at facebook.com/innerwinners. You can find out more about Retire in Practice at www.retireinpractice.com. For those who’d like to see more about Kathi’s intentions, visit www.mindmovies.com/kathihandt. If you’d like to reach her directly, email kathilcw@gmail.com or kathi@innerwinnersseminars.com.


Expressing the Chiropractic Legacy
Serving Patients First and Foremost

Morgan Handt, DC, CACCP


TCL would is pleased to honor Dr. Morgan Handt as one of the founding members of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW). Dr. Handt represents the LCW’s commitment to both mentoring and learning from women who have shown exemplary academic and professional excellence at the beginning of their chiropractic journeys.



TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Handt: First and foremost, for helping as many people as I could through chiropractic care and teaching about a healthy lifestyle. I would also like to be remembered as a founding member of LCW, having been asked when I was only out of school two years. It was a big honor! Some of the women in my group were my mentors, and one was my mom! I have been asked to speak on various platforms (LIFEforce, Life Vision, New Beginnings, Chiropractic Speakers Event) and it has been amazing.


TCL: What projects are you working on now that you are most excited about and would most like to share with others?


Handt: I was in practice for four years with my dad and brother at the New York Chiropractic Life Center in NYC, where I had an amazing practice filled with pregnant women, newborns and families. I just moved from NY to Florida because I am getting married in January to Ben, who is a professional golfer. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than that right now! Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!


TCL: Is there anything else you’d like to share with TCL readers?


Handt: I was published in the Journal of Pediatric Maternal and Family Health. The article was titled “Chiropractic Management of a Child Diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD NOS)”. I was also recognized by the Association of Chiropractic Colleges / Research Agenda Conference / Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics for co-authoring “Patterns of Prenatal Maternal Stress Predict Outcomes in the Unborn Child: A Case Series.”


TCL readers who would like more information – or perhaps simply to congratulate Morgan and Ben on their marriage, may email MorganHandtDC@gmail.com.

Coaching Chiropractors
To Turn Service Into Success

Shawn Powers, D.C., BSN

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Powers for her role in creating the League of Chiropractic Women in a way that is consistent with what she learned as a young, struggling chiropractor: you won’t get ahead by going it alone. Turning her early years as a young doc with great technical skill but little business acumen into a positive note, Dr. Powers was determined to add coaching to the service she provides her profession.

Through PowerSource coaching, Dr. Powers has significantly improved the prospects for her fellow docs who’ve taken her up on learning to bridge the gap between their dreams and their reality. She speaks to chiropractors around the world, teaching them how to run a thriving, Vitalistic, family, cash practice.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Powers: As a founder of the Chiropractic Warrior’s Philosophy Fellowship and the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) as well as for being an international speaker, coach, author who maintained an active practice.


TCL: What projects are you working on now that you find most exciting and would like most to share with others?


Powers: LCW, empowering women around the world to share their unique voice in chiropractic, PowerSource Coaching helping Vitalistic chiropractors to lead and thrive.


TCL readers may find more about Dr. Powers’ work at www.PowerSourceCoaching.com.


The Art of the Chiropractic Story
Bringing Other Gifts to Bear

Dr. Mary Lucus Flannery


TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Lucus Flannery for her work in founding the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) in order to build the leadership strengths of women, particularly in communicating their experience through both the written and spoken word.



TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Lucus Flannery: As a founder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), and having created the Writer’s and Speaker’s Bureau for LCW, which has coached 60 plus women to improve their professional speaking abilities. I’ve also created online storytelling coaching business, The Art of Story Project, as well as ADIO Radio, a podcast for prospective students and anyone who wants to know more about chiropractic.


TCL: What projects are you working on now that you find most exciting and would most want to share with people?


Lucus Flannery: I’m a professional writer who frequently contributes articles to chiropractic magazines online and in print. I’m currently building more modules and content for the Art of Story Project, which is a website which provides online education for chiropractors and staff to use story as an essential building block for marketing and communication and to become powerful and authentic speakers and presenters. And, of course, in my “day job,” I’m the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West.


TCL: Where might TCL readers find some examples of your writing?


Here are a few they might find of particular interest:


Interested TCL readers may find more about Lucus Flannery’s work at www.TheArtofStoryProject.com and www.ADIOradio.com.

Doing it All
With Love – and TIC – in Her Heart

Sharon Gorman, D.C.

sharon-gorman-headshotThe enthusiasm Dr. Gorman has for the chiropractic profession knows no bounds, which is to say her energy for it is boundless. She actively practices its art, shares its philosophy, mentors its students, and serves on the board of its largest institution, all in the service of advancing her profession. She does all this while also managing multiple high-volume practices in which she shepherds young docs at the beginning of their careers.

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Gorman, in particular, for her role in founding the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), an organization dedicated to maximizing women’s potential to balance the leadership of the profession she loves. Thanks to Dr. Gorman’s tireless and exuberant commitment, LCW is providing leadership development for women in chiropractic all over the world.

It’s been said that if all chiropractors approached their practices and their lives in the same way Dr. Sharon Gorman does, chiropractic would have long ago reached the tipping point toward being the influential voice needed to reshape today’s healthcare conversations.

TCL: For which professional (and/or personal) achievements will you most want to be acknowledged?

Gorman: I’ve been married twenty-six years and have four great kids and that’s the highest achievement I will ever make. Besides my family, I am most proud of the chiropractic practices I have grown over thirty years. I am so grateful for the lives changed and for the scores of families that have had the opportunity to receive the chiropractic message and receive chiropractic adjustments in my offices.  I am proud and grateful for my ability to adjust and equally as proud of my ability to communicate the chiropractic message.

I have always interested myself in the “Why” of Chiropractic, the philosophy of chiropractic and the philosophy of success. I have spent countless hours attending, speaking at, and conducting seminars for chiropractors and chiropractic support staff so that we can more effectively bring chiropractic to the world.

I have a vision of our philosophy becoming “status quo” some day.  I envision the day chiropractic care will be as much of a routine for people as regular dental check ups have become.

I love speaking and influencing students, especially students who have chosen to become chiropractors, and I am pleased to say I have influenced over a hundred students to become chiropractors. I am always looking for opportunities to give back to this great profession of ours.

TCL: What projects are you working on now (or have worked on recently) that you are most excited about and would like more people to know about?

Gorman: I am pleased to take this opportunity to announce a new venture I am very excited about: an event-based mentoring program, which is in development with the help of chiropractic branding and marketing guru Dr.Traci Szemkus. I will be conducting seminars and retreats for chiropractors, their families and their office teams. It will launch some time later this year and I look forward to the opportunity of sharing what my family and I have learned about how creating a successful practice as an integral part of creating a happy, successful family and lifestyle.

For TCL readers who would like to get a sense of Dr. Gorman’s accomplishments, here are a few of the highlights:

  • In practice and managing successful high volume practices, running two to four simultaneously, since 1985
  • Personally trained over 50 doctors over the years to work in and run my practices
  • Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, board member from1985-2014
  • Created Focus Philosophy Weekends in 1990 and have held hundreds of events
  • New Beginnings Philosophy of Chiropractic Award 1998
  • Have been coaching individual chiropractors since 2001
  • Served on the Board of Trustees of Life University since 2002
  • Helped co-create the Life Force 1000 Program and Life Vision Seminars
  • Life University Life Force Doctor of the Year 2009
  • Co-founder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW)
  • Served as LCW’s first president from 2012 until 2016
  • Southeast Regional Director of the International Chiropractors Association in 2012
  • International seminar speaker, including New Beginnings, Life Vision, Cal Jam and Chiro Europe, as well as various state organizations and groups
  • Life University Alumni and Friends Magazine Cover Article September 2013
  • Life Force 1000 Chiropractor of the Year 2015
  • Distinguished Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association 2015

For readers who are interested in experiencing the heart with which Dr. Gorman shares her chiropractic vision, you may find one of her LIFE Vision presentations here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOy4aaOmE-c&app=desktop.


Chirobloom Where You’re Planted

Dr. Pam Jarboe

Like many chiropractors, Dr. Pam Jarboe became a chiropractor after witnessing firsthand the good that correcting subluxations can do, even in the most adverse of circumstances. Perhaps unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Jarboe began her chiropractic career as a chiropractic assistant. In this role, she was able to accompany her chiropractor employer on visits to check and adjust children who were abandoned, drug addicted and/or who had been diagnosed with AIDS. As a result of the remarkable changes she witnessed – and experienced – she enrolled in chiropractic college and has been practicing since graduating in 1995.

In addition to being a practicing doc, she has become a much sought-after speaker and coach, where she applies her decades of practice experience – along with a healthy and happy dose of humor – in the service of other docs and their professional and practice development.

Today’s Chiropractic Leadership is pleased to honor Dr. Jarboe as one of the profession’s Mavericks, Geniuses and Icons for her years of service to the profession, including her role as one of the founders of the League of Chiropractic Women.

To convey a sense of her contributions, here’s a brief Q&A with Dr. Jarboe.

Q: For which professional (and/or personal) achievements will you most want to be acknowledged?

A: The greatest personal “achievement” of my life will be the gift of my two beautiful sons to this world. They are as kind and connected humans as they can be in this world.

Professionally, I have had several practices in which I have adjusted many thousands of spines. It has been my greatest honor to deliver transformative chiropractic care to the families of the communities in which I have lived. My recent contributions to the profession include writing, speaking and coaching, as well as serving on the board of the Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy  (MACP) and the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW).

Q:What project are you working on now (or have worked on recently) that you are most excited about and would like more people to know about?

A: I love my company, Chirobloom.com, a place for heart-centered chiropractors to get skills to deliver their great work in their communities and also to be supported and renewed.

Q: What articles, blog posts, and/or press releases have been written about this project?

A:I have a blog on my website and I have been a featured guest on many chiropractic podcasts such at the Chiropractic Philanthropist (available as a podcast in iTunes), Spinal Column Radio, Women Seeking Wellness, and more. I am a regular feature on On Purpose with Dr. Christopher Kent and Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

To read more about Dr. Jarboe, her background and contributions, please read her biography on her website, Chirobloom.









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