Vitalistic Nutrition…Because Food Shouldn’t Interfere With Health

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

A roomful of community leaders recently asked me the difference between Emory University’s nutrition program and Life U’s, knowing we have a waiting list for our prestigious dietetics program. Emory, of course, has been called the Harvard of the South and has a strong medical focus. Life U’s program, with its focus on VITALISM, operates from our understanding that the nerve system is running the show and that there are three interferences to optimal function: physical traumas, environmental toxins and emotional stresses. Correcting these interferences allows for the natural, intelligent, innate expression of life to more fully manifest.

Here’s how I answered:

“At Emory, patients are seen mechanistically, as a mass of chemical and physical reactions. So, their clinical experience begins with lab tests to determine deficiencies, aimed at re-establishing blood chemistry norms, using synthetic vitamins and minerals. At Life U, patients are seen as inherently healthy, whole persons whose bodies have the wisdom to heal, in the absence of interferences. We provide nutritional support and intervention using whole foods that are free from pesticides that damage the nerve system. On a larger scale, our approach also means fighting for real organic farming and the elimination of GMOs along with as many environmental toxins as possible (e.g., cigarette smoke and other pollutants such as mercury). In short, Life U’s program is about a lifestyle in healthy partnership with the environment, not just the treatment of a specific problem.

At Life U, we strive to bring these principles into our Socrates Café. Our nutrition department facilities are state of the art, with a demonstration kitchen in which top chefs can teach and we will soon offer a culinary degree, also based on our Vitalistic principles.

To see what we’re doing with our VITALISTIC NUTRITION program, research, and more, go to


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