IMPACT – About This Issue. The President’s Message Fall 2015

IMPACT – About this Issue. The President’s Message Fall 2015

Guy’s Thots

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

When I was in college, like most young people, I thought I was invulnerable. So over the course of my collegiate career, I destroyed both of my ankles playing basketball. As a result, I spent the next 40 years of my life struggling for stability, which means my ankles spent 40 years sending wobbly feedback to my brain. This wasn’t just a problem for my ankles. It created a fundamental change in my whole body’s functioning.

Eventually, I wound up unable to walk more than 25 yards, with low back instability, no balance, tremors in my hands and head, and a quality of life that sucked. Finally, I had to make the choice between ankle replacements and losing the ability to walk.

In the process, I learned two lessons: First, those under long-time chiropractic care often impress our medical doctors with our fitness. Second, because the damage to my ankles had affected my whole body, I had to engage my whole body to regain optimal function.

The Life U approach centers on chiropractic and includes other disciplines that are critical for the chiropractic profession to shift the health care paradigm from condition care to whole person care. ChiropracTORs are “it” and we must also educate nutritionists, neurologists, kinesiologists, psychologists and, yes, even business people, how to function within a Vitalistic paradigm that supports optimal functioning of individuals, groups and systems.

Your student referrals to Life U should not only include those that want to be the best chiropractors, but those who want to be the best in these other areas. We are not “less” of a Chiropractic college because of these other programs; we are “more” of a University – sharing Chiropractic around the world – because of them.

Proudly a ChiropracTOR and President of Life U,

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