Positive Business…Innovation, Prosperity and Social Change – Why Not?

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

The world is changing, fueled by the Millennial Generation, which values social change as much as personal profit. Positive Business, embodied at Life U in the Core Value ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL CHANGE, is the recognition that we can use small business to produce a better world.

Historically, business has been about two issues…having an innovative product, service or idea (INNOVATION) that can be sold for profit (PERSONAL PROSPERITY). Today, a new element has erupted into the business community and that is SOCIAL CHANGE, which demands products, services or ideas that improve consumers’ quality life and minimize damage to the planet.

At Life U, we have created a Business Bachelor’s degree program to this end and will soon add an aligned Master’s program, preparing students not only for personal business opportunities, but also fundraising and non-profit opportunities.

Additionally, we’ve created a business incubator to implement ideas that better the human experience. Business incubators on college campuses are not a new idea to bring dollars back onto the campus (think Gatorade at the University of Florida). At Life U, however, we’re touring the country soliciting new ideas and offering scholarships to young students for their ideas that support our values. Wouldn’t it be great for the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg to be a Life U grad who understands the power and possibilities of chiropractic care? I can only imagine how that might bring the chiropractic story to millions more people around the world.


As a ChiropractTOR, you’re contributing to disruptive social innovation. Go to www.life.edu/impact and find out how you can support Life U in living up to its reputation as the not so little University that is changing the world.


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