Life University’s Global Initiatives


Life University’s Global Initiatives

By John Downes, D.C.

The purpose of LIFE’s Global Initiatives is to build sustainable partnerships for healthcare and education around the world. So what does that mean? There are three components; student centered, legislative leadership centered, and program development centered.

This is not chiro-centric in its approach but rather is based on the Vitalistic paradigm that drives the entire University. Currently, Dr. John Downes, longtime Life international initiatives specialist, assists the president in executing the Presidential International Initiative Scholarships, which are being awarded in key areas of the world where recipients must return to their home country to further develop our partnership goals.


Currently in Costa Rica, we are completing the process of opening a multidisciplinary clinic at the National Stadium, staffed by Dr. Zoila Rosa Stewart, as well as opening a clinic on the campus of National University as the initial step towards an academic program of Chiropractic in Costa Rica. We are also meeting with the University of Peace to develop components of our undergraduate program, specifically Positive Psychology. There may be other opportunities for undergraduate programs that arise from these partnerships as well.

In China, we just completed meetings involving the Sport Health Science (SHS) Master’s program with a university that will lead to an articulation agreement whereby their senior undergraduate students attend LU for a year to complete their degree, and then stay to complete a Master’s in SHS. Also in China during the next 12 months, we will be opening several clinics that range from free standing to a department in a hospital that cares for over 10,000 outpatients a day. All of these programs in China will be funded through investors in China and will provide PEAK opportunities for students in the DC program. These programs could potentially offer international study opportunities, as well, for both undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of exercise physiology, coaching, nutrition, and psychology.

As Life U continues to open opportunities for all its programs internationally, we are able to share Chiropractic philosophy— and the benefits of Chiropractic care— with those who would likely never have the opportunity otherwise. As Dr. Riekeman has said, Life U isn’t “less Chiropractic” because of our other Vitalistic programs. Instead, thanks to those programs, we’re creating more opportunities for more people to discover Chiropractic than ever before.

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John Downes, D.C.

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