Impact…The Intersection of Innovation, Prosperity and Social Change

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

“You are here to make a difference, to either improve the world or worsen it. And whether or not you consciously choose to, you will accomplish one or the other.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

As a professional, a spouse, a parent, a neighbor or a friend, are you willing to make a “conscious” difference in someone’s life, in your community, in our health care system, in the world?

If the main difference you want to make is focused exclusively on improving your own life, I invite you to stop reading now – or to read on with curiosity instead of preconceived notions.

If you want to be part of a coalition of professionals committed to simple, cost-effective ways to enhance global functioning in humans and in systems, you could be a part of something almost as powerful as life itself: a movement. And movements change the world.

If you understand that your profession has the potential to lead the inevitable healthcare revolution, I invite you to start thinking bigger when it comes to the impact you and a group of like-minded people could have if they joined together. At Life U, for example, we have a loosely knit coalition of 1,000 people who have committed to each other to not stop until every person on the planet has access to chiropractic care. This movement, Life Force 1000, is changing lives and opportunities all over the world.

I invite you to start looking around and connecting with other professionals who hold the same values of giving, loving and serving based on a profound respect for the intelligence of the body and a trust in nature and its beautifully balanced systems. They are everywhere in your community – special, conscious, principled people living lives as chiropractors – midwives, naturopaths, teachers, etc. I invite you to look around your lives and your communities for these special people who don’t fit always fit the mold.

When you find them, join with them and create formal and informal coalitions, because it is in these relationships that we discover and create the intersection of innovation, prosperity, and social change.


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