How did bones/backs ever become the identity of our profession?

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until they put me down for the last time: If forced to choose whether Chiropractic is listed either in the Neurology section or the Orthopedic section of the healthcare directory, Life U would choose the neurology section, without question. We are neurologists first, with an interest in the spine because that’s where the main nerve trunk is.

According to the expert panel at the second Octagon Symposium focused on neurophysiology, human embryonic development suggests the entire human body exists to create a nervous system that supports conscious evolution and adaption to an ever-challenging environment. In short, we are our nerve systems and if we damage that system with physical traumas, emotional stresses or environmental toxins, we produce dysfunction, disease, infirmity, and reduced quantity and quality of life.

Chiropractic certainly embraces this idea and provides techniques to facilitate optimal function of the nerve system. At the NeuroLIFE Institute, we are maximizing nerve system function by removing neurological interferences “above atlas” and effecting improvements in conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, autism, developmental problems, concussions, PTSD, etc., as well as focusing on prevention and high performance training.

Life U has unique equipment and leading edge research in Functional Neurology, which was made famous by the Sport’s Illustrated story chronicling the care at Life U of retired MVP, NHL star Sidney Crosby and his return to the NHL following two massive concussions. Very soon, chiropractors will be able to earn an accredited Masters degree in Functional Neurology (much of it online) from Life U, adding these techniques to their neurologically-based, subluxation-centered patient care. It’s time that the world sees us as neurologists and not back doctors. How would that perception change cultural attitudes and recognition around chiropractic?

Read more about removing interference above atlas through functional neurology and the NeuroLIFE Institute at


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