Functional Kinesiology…If You Think It’s Rehab, You’re 33% Right

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

We just changed the sign on the entrance on the Rehab area to FUNCTIONAL KINESIOLOGY. Is it just smoke and mirrors for marketing purposes? No way. And here’s why.

One of the most successful soccer programs in history, AC Milan, has an interesting model of functionality, using a 10-point scale to assess athletes. Athletes scoring 1-4 show injury or predisposition to injury and are not allowed to practice. Athletes scoring 5-8 may practice, but not compete. Only athletes scoring 9-10 are allowed on the field of competition. How does an athlete get from one category to the next? Well, it’s a combination of training, nutrition, positive psychology and yes, chiropractic. At Life U, this model guides moving athletes and patients from condition based care, to prevention and functional training, to peak performance.

We’re talking Kinesiology, so what about rehab? Most doctors and programs in both medicine and chiropractic recognize the need for it, but stop there. However, the Vitalistic doctor recognizes two things…

  1. There is an absolute need for everyone to have appropriate movement of the body, extending well beyond rehab into functional training and peak performance.
  2. There is a neurological component to optimal movement. For too long, we have looked at joints only as muscles, ligaments and ranges of motion, forgetting to address the nerve supply to these areas.

Life U is singular in this approach so it’s no surprise we train athletes from around the world, field 15 highly successful sport teams, and provide care for non-athletes who want to build a lifestyle of health and optimal function.

Another revolutionary approach from the not so little University that is changing the world.


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